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The bracelet is an ancient article of jewelry that has both decorative and religious significance. Historians tell us that the bracelet was one of the most popular accessories in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were the first to use precious metals and religious symbols in their bracelets. The traditional Egyptian bracelet included a representation of a scarab beetle, which symbolized rebirth and regeneration.

Scarab beetle bracelets have been found in the graves and tombs of Egyptians of all classes. Poor and rich alike wore these accessories on special occasions, and most of them wore them to their graves. Bracelets that date back more than seven thousand years have been uncovered. Many Archeologists believe that these bracelets served a spiritual purpose, especially in the afterlife. An ornate bracelet made of precious metals and stones may have worked as a sort ID band for the gods to help them locate pharaohs, kings and other elites. These wealthy and important individuals were then said to receive preferential treatment in the world beyond.

Because they had more money and resources, Egyptian nobles were able to afford more elaborate jewelry. For example, most Egyptians believed in bad luck and evil spirits, and the only way to keep them at bay was to purchase a charm. Charm bracelets and necklaces were typically made with precious stones and with gold, and they were quite expensive. Many well-heeled Egyptians were buried with elaborate charm bracelets.

The bracelet was also a popular fashion accessory with the Ancient Greeks. The only difference was that it was it was a more demotic piece of jewelry, worn mostly by the hoi polloi, or common people. Men and women of all social classes used the bracelet as a simple decorative accessory. After all, their choice of clothing styles was a bit limited. How many accessories can complement a toga? Just kidding!

In time, however, the bracelet also served a more utilitarian, protective purpose on the field of battle. Greek soldiers wore leather bracelets, often on both wrists, as defensive bands. These bracelets could protect a warrior from losing his hand from an unexpected or unseen swipe of the sword. They also served as status symbols for higher ranking officers. Instead of simple, unadorned leather bands, a general, for instance, might wear a custom gold bracelet with gemstones.

Modern Times

The bracelet remains one of the most popular articles of jewelry in the world. Along with rings, necklaces and earrings, they are an indispensible part of any jewelry collection. They are bracelets wholesales also one of the few articles of jewelry that men feel comfortable wearing. Of course, bracelets are far more popular with the girls. A man might have one bracelet, maybe two. But most women have lots of them.

Why do women love bracelets? One obvious explanation is their incredible versatility. Bracelets can be made from just about any material, which means that they can complement just about any outfit. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes. Most bracelets are also quite affordable.

Gel Bracelets

Made of colored silicone rubber, most gel bracelets can be purchased for only a few dollars. They are popular with both sexes, since they are simple and are often produced to raise awareness for a silicone wristbands 100 free good cause. The yellow Livestrong wristband, for example, was developed for and popularized by champion cyclist Lance Armstrong. A cancer survivor himself, Armstrong promotes these bracelets in order to raise money for cancer treatment and research. More than 70 million of them have been sold.

Charm Bracelets

Though they probably won't get you special treatment in the afterlife, charm bracelets are still popular with women of all ages. The basic bracelet is often a traditional link bracelet made of silver or gold. Pendant charms can then be purchased one at a time or all at once and hooked or clipped onto the bracelet. The sound the charms make when they move is pleasing to most wearers. But most women wear them and buy them for their daughters because they can be personalized. There are hundreds and thousands of charms that can be given as presents on special occasions. Sports-related charms, animal charms and popular shapes and symbols are just a few of the charm categories from which to choose.


Unlike link bracelets, a bangle is generally in solid form and is usually made of some kind of metal. They are often worn in groups or in pairs and only by the fairer sex. Women like bangles because they are a versatile accessory and they move around on their wrists. It may sound simple, but we should not discount the importance of tactile stimulation. In some countries, women wear sets of bangles that are made from tempered glass that make your own wristband a sound like wind chimes when they knock together.

No matter the outfit or ensemble, a bracelet can be used to complement it. Take some time to find a beautiful new bracelet for your jewelry collection now.

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